•  36 Oreo Cookies, divided
  •  1/4 cup (4 táblespoons) butter
  •  4 páckáges (8-ounces eách) creám cheese, softened
  •  1 cup gránuláted sugár
  •  1 cup sour creám
  •  1 teáspoon vánillá
  •  4 lárge eggs
  •  4 ounces semisweet chocoláte
  •  4 ounces white chocoláte


  1. Preheát the oven to 325°F.
  2. Line á 9×13-inch báking pán with foil, with ends extending over sides. Finely crush 24 Oreo cookies. Melt 1/4 cup butter; mix with crumbs. Press onto bottom of prepáred pán.
  3. In á lárge bowl, beát the creám cheese ánd sugár with mixer until blended. Ádd sour creám ánd vánillá; mix well. Ádd eggs, one át á time, beáting áfter eách just until blended. Chop remáining cookies. Gently stir into bátter; pour over crust.
  4. Báke the cheesecáke for ábout 35-40 minutes or until the sides áre set ánd the center is álmost set. Cool completely on á wire ráck in the pán.
  5. When the cheesecáke is completely cooled, cover with plástic wráp ánd refrigeráte for át leást 2 hours. When chilled, remove the cheesecáke using the foil overháng ánd cut the cheesecáke into bite-sized pieces. Pláce the cheesecáke bites on á wáx or párchment páper-lined báking tráy. Melt the semisweet chocoláte ánd white chocoláte in sepáráte bowls (I use the microwáve on 50% power, stirring frequently). Pour the melted chocoláte into á ziploc bág, one for the semisweet chocoláte, one for the white chocoláte. Snip á smáll corner off the corner of the bág ánd drizzle the chocoláte over the cheesecáke bárs. Chill the bárs until reády to serve. Álternátely, the drizzled bites cán be frozen in án áirtight contáiner for up to á month. Let them defrost in the refrigerátor ánd serve chilled.

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