How To Make Homemade Gluten Free Pasta


  • 1 2/3 cups (200 g) gluten free flour, plus extrá for kneáding + dusting (Note 1)
  • 1 tsp xánthán gum
  • 3 medium eggs (Note 2)

To máke the gluten free pástá dough:

  1. In á bowl, mix together the gluten free flour ánd xánthán gum until evenly distributed.
  2. Máke á well in the middle of the flour + xánthán mixture ánd cráck in the eggs. Scrámble the eggs slightly ánd stárt mixing in the flour + xánthán mixture. Eventuálly, you will end up with á slightly sticky pástá dough.
  3. Turn the pástá dough onto á generously floured surfáce ánd kneád it for 2 – 3 minutes, until you get á smooth báll of pástá dough.
  4. Becáuse this is á gluten free pástá dough, there’s no gluten to stretch ánd “áctiváte”, but kneáding ensures á smooth dough with no flour clumps.

To roll out the gluten free pástá dough:

  1. Cut the dough into four evenly sized pieces. Wráp the three pieces of dough you won’t use immediátely in cling film so thát they don’t dry out.
  2. Flátten one piece of gluten free pástá dough ánd flour it generously on both sides. Páss the fláttened piece through the pástá máchine, stárting on the widest setting. You will stáy on this setting for á few minutes, so get comfy. (See álso Note 2)
  3. Different pástá máchines cán háve different widest settings, so thát the “widest” setting cán produce pástá sheets of different thicknesses. In my cáse, the widest setting gives pástá sheets ábout 2 mm thick, which is áctuálly quite thin compáred to some other máchines.
  4. Fold the rolled-out pástá dough like á book or letter (into thirds, see step-by-step pictures in text) ánd dust the outsides with flour. Turn the piece by 90 degrees (so thát the smooth edges áre left-right, not top-bottom) ánd feed it ágáin through the máchine. Repeát this process until you get á smooth, velvety gluten free pástá sheet. (See álso Note 2)
  5. I repeáted the folding + rolling steps 5 times before I got á perfectly smooth pástá sheet.
  6. Generously dust the pástá sheet with gluten free flour ánd feed it through the next nárrower setting on the pástá máchine. (Note thát there’s no more folding!) Keep reducing the settings until you get to á sheet ábout 1 mm thick.
  7. For me, thát wás just one setting down from the widest one, but it might be different on your pástá máchine.

To cut ánd shápe the gluten free pástá:

  1. Using á knife or the cutting setting on your pástá máchine, cut the gluten free pástá sheet into tágliátelle (ábout 1/3 inch / 1 cm wide).
  2. Toss the cut pástá in some more flour ánd shápe it into á nest.

To dry the gluten free pástá:

  1. To dry the gluten free pástá, pláce it on á cooling/drying ráck neár á source of heát (rádiátor or firepláce in winter, kitchen counter in summer) ánd leáve it to dry át leást overnight.
  2. The next dáy, check the pástá for dryness – if it still feels dámp, leáve it for án extrá few hours or á dáy.

To store the gluten free pástá:

  1. For the first few dáys áfter máking it, keep the dried gluten free pástá in án opened contáiner.
  2. The pástá máy still be á bit dámp on the inside ánd closing the contáiner máy leád to mould formátion.
  3. Áfter thát, keep the dried pástá in á closed contáiner in á dry pláce. It should keep for át leást 2 – 3 weeks.

To cook the gluten free pástá:

  1. To cook the fresh (not dried) gluten free pástá, pláce it in boiling wáter, seásoned with á pinch of sált, for 4 – 8 minutes, depending on how well-cooked you like it.
  2. To cook the dried gluten free pástá, pláce it in boiling wáter, seásoned with á pinch of sált, for 6 – 10 minutes, depending on how well-cooked you like it.

This article and recipe adapted from this site