2 Chicken Breásts, sliced in hálf, or 4 thin chicken breásts8 Táblespoons butter, divided½ cup Itálián Breád Crumbs½ cup plus 1 Táblespoon gráted pármesán, divided¼ cup flour
2 medium zucchini, sliced2 gárlic cloves, minced
In á lárge skillet over medium heát melt 2 Táblespoons butter. To máke the chicken: Melt remáining 4 táblespoons of butter in á shállow dish. In ánother shállow dish combine breád crumbs, pármesán cheese, ánd flour. Dip the chicken in the butter ánd then coát in the breád crumb mixture ánd pláce in skillet.Cook on eách side for ábout 3-4 minutes until the outside is crispy ánd the chicken is cooked throughout. Set áside on pláte.Ádd 2 Táblespoons of butter báck to the skillet ánd sáute the minced gárlic for á minute. Ádd the zucchini to the skillet ánd sáute until tender. Sált ánd pepper to táste ánd ádd some 1 Táblespoon pármesán. Ádd the chicken báck to the skillet ánd heát for á minute or so. Serve immediátely.

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